DID YOU KNOW that hurtful words from our mouths toward some sinner could possibly be directed toward someone destined one day to become repentant and obedient?

“But to which of the angels did He ever say, ‘Sit at My right (hand), until I place Your enemies (as) a footstool of Your feet?’ (Ref. Psalm 110:1) Are they not all ministering spirits for service, being sent out because of the (ones) being about to inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:13-14

* Do we have access to the names of those who are, and who are not, going to receive salvation?

* Do we know who these ministering spirits are protecting until the appointed time of their salvation?

“For who has known the mind of YHVH? Or who has become His counselor?” (Isaiah 40:13)

We who are trying our best to follow the Torah should always be looking into that Book of Instructions, letting the washing of the Water of the Word keep our hearts pure -- for that is what YHVH seeks. In seeking that goal above all others, these are some questions we would do well to ask ourselves:

* Do I hate some sins worse than others?

* Are these sins on a list that YHVH will not forgive? Is there such a list?

* Do I make crude remarks about those who commit the sins I find particularly offensive?

* Does YHVH possibly see some transgressions in me that He hates?

* Do I want Him to exhibit the same attitude toward me that I exhibit toward others?

Jude, vs. 22-23, “And truly pity some, making a distinction. But save others with fear, snatching (them) out of the fire, hating even the garment having been stained from the flesh.”

* Is this not our service? Are we to judge and sentence them to hell, or are we to do our best -- by the examples of our lives and the words of our mouths -- to snatch them out of the fire?

* Do I want to have to stand before YHVH and answer for any cruel words that I have spoken which might have turned away a sinner from seeking salvation?

Are we not being arrogant when we put down others? Isn’t our mission on this earth to bring Truth to those who are perishing, not condemn and ridicule them? To put out someone else’s candle will not make ours burn brighter! We, too, will be diminished.

If YHVH is our Father, we need to be going about His business, not offering aid and comfort to the enemy. He already has enough workers!

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