DID YOU KNOW that, if you make a decision to diligently study the Scriptures and do your very best to follow what they say, you will suddenly be in the minority, with Christians becoming your antagonists?

Why do Christians become so angry with you simply because you have chosen to become obedient to the Word of YHVH? Is it not because they follow the traditions of men in disobedience to the Scriptures -- and they want their gods to be your gods?

They want their interests to be your interests! If they put their family first, then you have committed a crime in their eyes if you choose Elohim (the Creator) above flesh and blood. Since children are a gift from YHVH, is this not loving the gift above the Giver?

From Luke 11:28, we find the following words from the Messiah: “. . .blessed (are) those hearing the Word of Elohim, and keeping it.” If this were written in Hebrew, hearing would be the word, sh’mah, and keeping would be the word, sh’mar.

Sh’mah = hearing with the implication of obedience.
Sh’mar = to hedge about; to protect, attend to, etc.

Don’t you think that James (Jacob), the brother of Y’hoshua, understood the meaning of Y’hoshua’s words? Don’t they match James 1:22? “But become doers of (the) Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

The more you study the Torah, the Prophets and the Psalms, you discover that they all teach about the Messiah. When you diligently study the Messianic Writings, you discover that their main theme is obedience to the Torah! The foundation is the Torah; and the Messianic Writings are the house. Without a proper foundation, your house will not -- and cannot -- stand! “Whoever turns aside his ear from hearing the Law (the Torah), even his prayer is an abomination.” Proverbs 28:9.

It is either all true, or it is a lie! You cannot pick and choose what YOU want to do. YHVH says that if you keep His commandments, it is life to you; but if you disobey them, it is death. You must choose which pathway you will follow.

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