DID YOU KNOW that confusion still reigns about the appointed time set by YHVH to celebrate the Passover memorial?

What does YHVH say?

From Exodus 12:3-5, On the tenth of the month, they are to take a lamb without blemish.

From Exodus 12:6, They shall keep it until the fourteenth day of this month.

From Exodus 12:8, “And they shall eat the flesh in this night . . .”

Deuteronomy 16:6 gives the timeframe for killing the Passover in Jerusalem after they have come into the Land, which is the same as the timeframe of the Passover in Egypt: “But at the place which He shall choose to cause His name to dwell there, you shall sacrifice the Passover offering at evening, at the going of the sun, at the appointed season when you came out of Egypt.” (The appointed season = in the month of the abib = when the barley has reached the stage of ripeness.)

Numbers 28:16, “The fourteenth day of the first month is the Passover of YHVH.”

From Exodus 12:22, “ . . . And you shall not go out, anyone from the door of his house until morning.”

They were commanded to stay in their houses from twilight at the beginning of the fourteenth until the next morning, the daylight hours of the fourteenth. If there was any lamb remaining, they were to burn it the next morning. During the daylight hours of the fourteenth, they were preparing to leave Egypt.

Exodus 12:34-36, “And the people took up their dough before it was leavened, their kneadingtroughs being bound up in their clothing on their shoulders. And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses. And they asked from the Egyptians articles of silver and articles of gold, and clothing. And YHVH gave favor to the people in the eyes of the Egyptians. And they granted their requests. And they saved/rescued (not plundered) Egypt.”

Numbers 33:3, “They pulled up (stakes) from Ramses in the first month on the fifteenth day of the first month. On the next day after the Passover the sons of Israel went out with a high hand, before the eyes of all the Egyptians.”

They departed from Egypt at night, the beginning of the fifteenth.

Deuteronomy 16:1, “ . . . For in the month of the abib YHVH Elohekka brought you out of Egypt by night.”

Numbers 28:17, “And in the fifteenth day of this month a feast: unleavened (bread) shall be eaten seven days.”

Exodus 12:15-17, “You shall eat unleavened (bread) seven days. Indeed, on the first day you shall cause leaven to cease from your houses. For anyone eating any leaven, that soul shall be cut off from Israel, from the first day until the seventh day. And on the first day (shall be) a holy gathering, and in the seventh day a holy gathering shall be to you. Not any work may be done on them. Only what must be eaten by your soul that alone may be done by you. And you shall observe the unleavened (bread) for on this very day I brought out your armies from the land of Egypt. And you shall observe this day for your generations, a statute forever.”

Passover is about the night the blood was applied to the doorposts and the lintels of their dwellings so that their firstborn would not die. The daylight hours of Passover were spent making all the necessary preparations to leave Egypt, the land of their bondage; whereas, Unleavened Bread is when the exodus actually began.

Numbers 9:10, “For one who is unclean or on a distant journey, he shall keep the Passover to YHVH.” Continuing in Numbers 9:11-12, “In the second month, on the fourteenth day at dusk, they shall keep it; they shall eat it with unleavened cakes and bitter herbs; they shall leave none of it until morning, nor break a bone of it. According to all the statutes of the Passover, they shall keep it.”

Scripture says that, if they qualify, they can celebrate the Passover in the second month, keeping everything exactly as it was kept in the first month. However, there is no mention of being able to celebrate Unleavened Bread in the second month. They are separate celebrations: the Passover is not a Shabbat, but the first and seventh days of Unleavened Bread are Shabbats. Unleavened Bread is eaten with the Passover meal, but Scripture says to get leaven out of your house on the first day of Unleavened Bread.

See how simple it becomes when we let Scripture interpret Scripture?

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